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What is the Perfect Horse? For me, the perfect horse is intelligent, athletic, sensible, and smooth. It is a horse that will take me down miles of new trails at the perfect pace; not just fast, but incredibly gentle and even. A horse that I can trust to be surefooted as we gallop under the moonlight along the top of a ridge. A horse that will gait for miles without jostling me in the saddle. A horse that can ford rocky creeks, play in the surf, and climb steep mountains. 

The perfect horse is one that is gentle and calm, who is willing to do anything I ask. It comes to the fence, not because I have treats, but because it wants to spend time with me. It is playful and curious, brave and bold. 

I found my perfect horse in Missouri Fox Trotters, and my goal as a breeder is to produce only the smoothest, gentle horses possible--horses that I would want as my own riding mounts. I’m not doing my job properly if I don’t want to keep every foal born on the ranch, and so far I’ve succeeded in this goal. 

A secondary focus of my breeding program is to produce Dominant Curly Missouri Fox Trotters. These very special horses are hypoallergenic. That’s right!  Horse-lovers plagued with allergies will breathe easier around these horses. My special breeding produces beautiful horses with gorgeous curly, winter coats that shed to smooth, short coats for summer. And the manes and tails on the dominant curlies are nothing short of breathtaking!  Imagine gorgeous double manes with long ringlet curls year round! They are stunningly beautiful! 

At Mountain Trails Ranch, I am committed to producing the best-quality horses. All of my Fox Trotters are registered with the MFTHBA, and those that are curly are dual-registered with ICHO.  I take pride in producing only the finest Fox Trotters, whether they are standard or curly-coated. 

Mountain Trails Ranch